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Complex Wage & Hour Calculations: Travel Time & On-Call Pay

Correctly calculating travel time and on-call pay can be a challenge. This session will help you navigate both, starting with determining which employees need to be paid for this time. Then we’ll explore travel time pay obligations and compensation requirements for an employee who is on call.

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Health Care Reform Essentials

The Affordable Care Act is under a lot of scrutiny these days, so what do recent government actions related to the health care law mean for employers? And what key provisions should employers know about today?

After this session, you’ll have the knowledge you need to determine what health care reform provisions apply to your company.

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Inside Look: Performance Evaluations

When done well, performance evaluations provide employees with actionable feedback, clear expectations for performance, and goals for the next year. And they give employers documentation they need to justify pay adjustments or other employment decisions.

In this webinar, we look at elements of a performance evaluation, which type may be a good choice for your workplace, and best practices for conducting performance meetings.

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3 Ways HR Can Strengthen Information Security

As technology and business steadily become more intertwined, employers must be aware of the privacy issues and other challenges this raises. HR professionals are under more scrutiny than ever when it comes to securing sensitive information online.

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5 Termination Traps to Avoid

Is your termination process putting your company at risk? Discover five common mistakes employers make during a termination meeting and how you can avoid them. You’ll get practical tips for how to approach the meeting, how to conduct the termination, and how to communicate the employee’s departure to your organization.

After this webinar you’ll have the tools and guidance to effectively manage termination meetings.

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Effective Coaching: Engaging Your Employees

We all want to enable our employees to reach their highest potential. In this webinar, we’ll discuss coaching in the workplace with a special focus on ways to encourage employee development and growth using a coaching management style.

We’ll also explore the ways to give employees room to overcome problems and discover their own solutions. You’ll leave with tips on effective coaching and tools for honing your coaching style.

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