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Lumina is PayNorthwest’s market-leading cloud offering for employers who want anytime, anywhere, easy, real-time access to all of their employee-related information.

Built for cloud from the ground up and available via the web and popular mobile platforms, Lumina delivers the advantage of enterprise-class cloud systems while giving you exceptional control and configurability to meet your organizations needs, all supported by PayNorthwest’s knowledgeable staff who are here to help you get the most out of this power workforce management tool.

With Lumina, by PayNorthwest, you’ll enjoy:

All information for an employee in one place in real time. Built on the simple concept of that all information relating to an employee should be in one single record (not spread among multiple files), all areas of your organization have access to the exact same information of the exact same time. No batch uploads, no synchronizations, no multiple versions of the same piece of information.

One unified platform, one user interface. By unifying time and attendance, HR, payroll and employee self-service under one single consistent user interface (with one single login for everything!), Lumina dramatically simplifies the process of learning and using a system and deploying it throughout your organization.

The Cloud advantage. Enjoy the benefits of enterprise-level IT services – daily backups, redundancies, secure data centers, high uptime, on-going system upgrades – without the IT expense to go with it. Low IT footprint, high impact, pay-as-you-go, scale as you need it.

Mobile access. Your organization is on the go and your workforce is demanding more convenience and access to their information. Lumina is now available on Android and Apple smart phones at no additional cost.

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