The Difference Makers: Concrete Steps Toward More Equitable Workplaces

PayNorthwest could not be prouder to highlight Byrd Barr Place as one of our Difference Makers. One of Washington’s oldest community organizations, Byrd Barr works to build a more equitable future for all Washingtonians through services and advocacy that enable people to live healthier, more prosperous lives.

Kids at Home for the Fall – How Can Employees and Businesses Survive?

With the wave of announcements over the last few weeks that school will be largely conducted online due to ongoing concerns about the coronavirus, a collective cry of despair went out from many working parents. What seemed like a moderate burden that we could all be good sports about and get through in the spring now feels like an impossible burden for the fall and, god forbid, winter.

A fresh look at an old idea

The concept of “digitizing” business information and processes has been around for decades. The term even has a certain ‘90s ring to it. But with the impact of the coronavirus on businesses the last number of months, new meaning and urgency has been brought to “git-r-done,” to use another ‘90s reference.

Statewide Day of Action – Friday June 12, 2020

In observance of a call by Black Lives Matter Seattle-King County for a statewide day of action in support of all Black lives, PayNorthwest will be closing its offices at noon on Friday, June 12th. The closure of our office is to provide paid time to all employees, who so desire, to listen, learn, reflect or speak out on the matter of racism and Black lives in America.

Long Overdue

 – Mike Anderson, Founder & CEO Long overdue, in so many ways, but as Founder and CEO of PayNorthwest, I want to acknowledge the tragic, awful, unjust murder of George Floyd, as well as the countless, but not nameless, other victims of excessive force by police and other anti-Black violence committed here in America, such … Continue