ACA employer requirementsPayNorthwest is uniquely positioned to help employers track, manage, and report on their new responsibilities under the Affordable Care Act (ACA). Our single-source time, payroll, human resource (HR), and benefits platform contains all the data items in one place that employers need in order to comply with ACA reporting requirements.

For the first time by January 31st, 2016, businesses with over 50 employees must submit ACA forms 1095-C to the IRS and 1094-C to all employees. PayNorthwest is qualified to take the difficulty out of ACA compliance and make meeting confusing and complex ACA employer requirements simple. We provide two solutions:

ACA Reporting Service

PayNorthwest’s ACA Reporting Service has been designed for any applicable large employer that has transitioned to our Lumina platform by November 1st, 2015. PayNorthwest will generate the ACA year-end employee returns that require payroll, time, HR, and benefit data to be pulled into IRS forms 1094-C and 1095-C.

  • Affordable Care Act year-end report specifications have now been finalized by the IRS and PayNorthwest is ready to help employers properly report.
  • Electronic filing of 1095-C is supported.
  • Gain the benefit of establishing your ongoing data and system set-up to comply for all future years.

ACA Manager

To develop and execute a best-fit strategy for ACA employer responsibilities, compliance, and cost control, you’ll need to track, integrate, and analyze data across time and attendance, payroll, and HR. When it comes to ACA employer administration, tools such as spreadsheets, homegrown reports, and manual calculations will do little to simplify a highly complex process that has potentially significant financial consequences. Businesses need integrated workforce management tools that provide complete automation and high-quality information for driving cost-effective labor decisions and minimizing ACA compliance risk.

PayNorthwest’s ACA Manager, allows you to proactively manage your ACA compliance strategy across your entire workforce. It gives you the tools to effectively manage regular- and variable-hour employees’ benefit compliance, along with applicable reporting. Once you determine the impact ACA will have on your bottom line and develop a strategy that fits your financial and business objectives, implementing, enforcing, and managing that strategy can be an even bigger challenge. Our ACA module provides tools that meet Affordable Care Act requirements to execute your ACA strategy:

  • Simplify processes around ACA employer requirements and compliance to help avoid steep penalties.
  • Receive accurate visibility into average hours worked by full-time and part-time employees for both look-back and stability periods.
  • Automate benefits eligibility notification and employee enrollment.